About Pippa

Pippa Pips
Fashion Designer
Hello, my name is Pippa.

I’m a fashion designer from White Mushroom village and my job is to design clothes for my friends. I am very busy these days so I created a fashion app. You should give it a try!

White Mushroom Village
Everything was white!
Once upon a time White Mushroom village had no color!

The sky was white, the creatures were white and even the red mushroom in the center of the village was not red, it was white! None of this bothered the creatures. In fact, they all liked white, especially Pippa who was rather proud of her wavy white hair. Instead, what made Pippa sad was she could not design colorful clothing.

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Pippa's Friends
“With a little help from my friends”
Pippa has lots of friends. Many she met while she was on her big adventure. To meet some of her friends, click next